Sahara Plant Pot 4

Sometimes, inspiration comes from a trip to an unforgettable destination, from unique experiences in virtually uninhabited desert landscapes, places for reflection, that attract unexplored ideas. SAHARA is based on experiences in the immense Sahara Desert.

It is a collection of outdoor planters that comes in a range of sizes and finishes designed by Pablo Gironés for GANDIABLASCO.

The recyclable rotation-molded polyethylene from the SAHARA plant pot 4 is made is 100% recyclable. This lacquered designer plant pot is 100 cm in diameter by 30 cm tall.

More than an outdoor plant pots, it can be combined with the rest of the collection to create an arrangement of SAHARA planters that looks perfect in your garden, on the terrace of your house, or even in larger Contract projects.

Sahara Plant Pot 4

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