Docks Composition 9

DOCKS is a collection of outdoor furniture, the main characteristic of this is that it has been designed to be flexible and open, with a structure that is easy to combine with other components such as armrests, cushions and backrests to create sofas, beds and rest areas. It adapts to its surroundings with a design that allows users to sit in different ways, all hallmarks of this creation.”
Romero Vallejo

The DOCKS 9 composition is just one of numerous combinations that you can create. It consists of two modules 1, 2 seats, one backrest and one armrest that together form an elegant outdoor chaise longue that you can enlarge by adding more modules fixed with a stainless-steel piece, powder coated in different colors.

The DOCKS 9 composition is an original design by Romero Vallejo for GANDIABLASCO.

Docks Compositions
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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