Docks Composition 12

“An analysis of different ways of sitting has identified improvised, informal habits that help to define the geometry of the entire collection.” – Romero Vallejo

DOCKS is the most modular and flexible outdoor furniture collection by GANDIABLASCO.

Composition 12 is another option from the collection. It is a three-seat outdoor sofa made up of three modules 1, three seats, three backrests and one armrest. The aluminium modular profile structure is made of silver or powder coated profiles, to taste.

Add more modules to composition 12 to create the modular sofa you want and need, which fits your outdoor space, for terraces and large Contract installations.

The DOCKS 12 composition is an original design by Romero Vallejo for GANDIABLASCO.

Docks Compositions
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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