Docks Composition 1

DOCKS is a module system of relationships open to life, at different times.”Romero Vallejo

Limitless modularity and design and 100% weather resistant aluminium profiles for enjoying life outdoors, 365 days of the year.

The DOCKS 1 composition consists of one seat, one backrest and one DOCKS module 1, that together create a comfortable sofa manufactured with silver or powder coated aluminum profiles. It has polyethylene seat pads and cushions that you can customise with Sunbrella quality fabrics in a range of textures and colors.

One of many compositions. You can create different compositions by combining different modules, seats and backrests, according to your needs and the nature of your outdoor space, whether it is a terrace or a larger Contract installation.

The DOCKS 1 composition is an original design by Romero Vallejo for GANDIABLASCO.

Docks Compositions
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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