La Siesta Jug

GANDIABLASCO has revived a Spanish design icon. LA SIESTA jug revives traditional materials and textures from the Mediterranean way of life and eating, nature, light and a passion for the outdoor life, through a traditional object used to contain and drink water, but in a different way.

LA SIESTA is a designer jug made with artisanal methods in white terracotta, inspired by the traditional “botijos” or jugs used in the countryside, with the appearance of a plastic 1.5-litre bottle.

More than a designer bottle, each one is unique, because they are hand made using traditional methods. It has capacity for 1.2 litres.

Why not have a drink, in the best Mediterranean style?

LA SIESTA is a design original by Alberto Martínez, Héctor Serrano and Raky Martínez for GANDIABLASCO.

La Siesta Jug

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