Although their product has changed in these almost 80 years of existence, their spirit has never changed, constant innovation in anticipation of market trends and creative sensitivity are their hallmarks. Who could have imagined that a company that was born … + info

  • Home to memory. Look in the mirror


    What use is it to have reached a hundred countries and to have shops and showrooms dotted around the globe if you don’t recognise yourself when you look in the mirror? GANDIABLASCO has never forgotten its biography. The company rethought … + info

  • A man is known by the company he keeps


    “Come in, I’ll show you the building,” says José Gandía-Blasco, chairman of the company. He’s the link, the thread that connects past, present and future. He is a free, restless spirit. Born to hunt, to design products and to draw … + info

  • Home to textile identity. Tactile intelligence


    As he thinks back to those days, a sliver of sunlight magically slices through the dark room. We are not alone, millions of specks of dust float in the immensity of time striking up a silent conversation. You then realise … + info

  • Home to shared knowledge. Fuelling the engine


    The space designated for offices and administration has been relocated to a vast section on the first floor, whilst the third and fourth floors are home to new sections that cater to the exchange of knowledge, research and debate. Meetings, … + info

  • Home to design. Overlapping maps for Indoor, Passdoor, Outdoor


    Detached, prefabricated, semidetached, detachable… Forget about stereotypes, inflexibility and dogmas when it comes to houses. It’s not a case of moving or changing the furniture, it’s about changing the perspective. In the sands of this slippery turn of the century, … + info

  • Home to friendship. The courtyard, heart and agora


    After visiting the different “homes” we walk out into the courtyard and into a different system. How does this large open air square influence the dynamics of Casa GANDIABLASCO? It mirrors the vital role that a heart plays in a … + info