A factory turned into an open house for everyone. This house is the flagship of Gandiablasco, renowned for its contemporary outdoor furniture. Gandiablasco is today a well-known (and recognised) outdoor furniture company which, to a great extent, has managed to … + info

  • Home to textile identity. Tactile intelligence


    As he thinks back to those days, a sliver of sunlight magically slices through the dark room. We are not alone, millions of specks of dust float in the immensity of time striking up a silent conversation. You then realise … + info

  • Home to shared knowledge. Fuelling the engine


    The space designated for offices and administration has been relocated to a vast section on the first floor, whilst the third and fourth floors are home to new sections that cater to the exchange of knowledge, research and debate. Meetings, … + info

  • Home to design. Overlapping maps for Indoor, Passdoor, Outdoor


    Detached, prefabricated, semidetached, detachable… Forget about stereotypes, inflexibility and dogmas when it comes to houses. It’s not a case of moving or changing the furniture, it’s about changing the perspective. In the sands of this slippery turn of the century, … + info

  • Home to friendship. The courtyard, heart and agora


    After visiting the different “homes” we walk out into the courtyard and into a different system. How does this large open air square influence the dynamics of Casa GANDIABLASCO? It mirrors the vital role that a heart plays in a … + info