Sometimes several generations work together leading great furniture design companies. In others, the early founders hand the baton over to their descendants, to continue the work. These four family stories share the idea of a transmission centered on the pursuit of quality, originality and with an open mind.

The Gandia-Blasco Trio

Three members of the Gandia-Blasco family simultaneously manage GANDIABLASCO, the outdoor furniture design company, and GAN, the textile design brand, for all types of home. In addition to being company president, Jose Antonio Gandía-Blasco Canales is Artistic Director, a leadership role he excels in and enjoys. Since the company brand was reconfigured in 1996, he has always had its new image, “contemporary Mediterranean,” in mind. His daughter Alejandra was a perfect fit when it came to disseminating the brand on social networks. With a Bachelor’s degreein Fine Arts from the University of Valencia (Spain) and having spent time in London, as a Deputy Creative Director, she has created several products, but above all she is the voice of GANDIABLASCO in social networks. Her cultural “Passion blog” broadcasts the company´s spirit between the lines. The brand is expanding abroad, where Jose Antonio Gandia-Blasco has another ace up his sleeve, through his son Alvaro. After returning from GANDIABLASCO USA to the company HQ in Onteniente, he works as Deputy Commercial Director. Sometimes father and son disappear for two weeks to the United States… We can hardly say that they are preparing the future, because for them the future is already current.