First anniversary of the 75 years of GANDIABLASCO

We are celebrating another magical year during which GANDIABLASCO celebrated its 75th anniversary within its headquarters at Ontinyent. Workers, friends, collaborators and suppliers enjoyed an unforgettable night in the courtyard of The Gandiablasco house, a night of stories and memories recalling the path of this Valenica based company founded by José Gandía Blasco in 1941.

Ephemeris that we remember with a series of photos that we enjoyed making during a photo-call against a maritime backdrop to the beat of a live jazz band. But GANDIABLASCO has never stopped exploring new horizons. True to its creative spirit this year the company launched a new brand inspired by living life to the maximum outdoors, DIABLA, inspired by the company’s ongoing relationship with young creative talent.

During the 90s José Gandia-Blasco re-invented the business and creative strategy of the company making design and innovation the new leitmotif that would define the very same GANDIABLASCO. An expression of José’s personality and Mediterranean roots that became a defining factor for the company and marked it out, together with Sergio Pastor, Director General of the company and the entire team of everyone involved. The textile tradition is continued with the GAN brand that was directed some years afterwards by Mapi Millet who established its identity.
The indoor brand of GANDIABLASCO continues to grow around the world.

76 years later, 3 generations and counting in GANDIABASCO, José and his children Álvaro, Comercial Director and Vice-president of the company and Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, Creative and Communication Sub-director, together with a large team directed by Sergio Pastor, Director General, Mapi Millet Director of GAN and Sara Romero Director of DIABLA. People who together with collaborators and friends rely on and believe in the project.

Despite its impressive growth we remain true to our founding values without forgetting our roots, maintaining our reputation as an international reference in the outdoor furniture sector while still reinventing ourselves on a continual basis.