Home to memory. Look in the mirror

What use is it to have reached a hundred countries and to have shops and showrooms dotted around the globe if you don’t recognise yourself when you look in the mirror? GANDIABLASCO has never forgotten its biography. The company rethought itself after a four decade career (spanning from the early 1940s to the late 1980s) manufacturing and exporting top quality blankets. They took their expertise, gave it a twist and stayed true to their roots.

At the time, they took a high risk bet when they decided to put their money on contemporary design. True to its origin, the company designed textile lines for the home, building the world of carpets into their offer. They focused on seeking a new and personal language channelled through excellent designs. In the mid 90s the company GANDIABLASCO debuted unexpectedly in the outdoor furniture sector with Na Xemena, a small collection that blew everyone away. Nobody understood it! They didn’t give up though, they fought on.

Let’s go back to the subject of memories and consider one of the most intelligent ways of preserving them: architecture. GANDIABLASCO’s head offices are about just that, about translating values into architecture. Above all, though, it’s about being able to detect those values, to recover them and promote them. It’s not about looking, it’s about seeing. And then acting accordingly.

Construction started in 1941, in the very centre of Ontinyent. The building was seen, by those who actually noticed it, as an attempt crafted by a disciple of rationalism to leave behind a notable creation on the landscape of squalid post-war Spanish architecture. After the rehabilitation works, the window that simply used to run up and along the whole façade blankly has now grown wings and taken on the appearance of a visual poem. Now it arouses curiosity: something’s cooking in Casa GANDIABLASCO…

The mere decision of expanding the sides of the rectangle has redirected the construction towards the key concept in architecture, light. Light is also the tentpole of GANDIABLASCO’s narrative: bright, fluid spaces, essential lines, joyful, gentle.  Is it not precisely that vitalist conception of design, and that indolent and playful way of understanding beauty, that has made this one of the favourite brands on the international scene? Mind, though, achieving this simplicity isn’t as simple as it seems. We can’t be simpletons.