Weaving through life

Several paths lead to Casa GANDIABLASCO. One traces a route dotted by specific events: dates that shook up the fate of the company, pieces that became benchmarks for the habitat sector, groundbreaking carpets, furniture that blurred the line between indoor and outdoor styles. A journey structured by collections, from furniture to GAN carpets, an in-depth examination of every single piece, right through to the most comfortable chaise-longue in the catalogue. Worn out by the long tour, we would then kick back under a pine tree at the foot of the Mediterranean to feel the quintessence of Casa Gandía Blasco caressing our skin.

On the other hand, we could also stop beating around the bush and venture right into Casa GANDIABLASCO without even ringing the bell, plunging straight into its metabolism, eagerly nosing around, hungry to identify which fuel drives its engine. Boldness?, idealism?, conviction?, stubbornness? In terms of the company’s human capital, these aren’t just regular employees. This is a unique set of people who believe in teamwork, most probably as a concept based on elective affinities and self-selection. They didn’t just wind up in the same company; surprisingly they all share the same corporate vision. These things don’t normally happen, but there is nothing normal about GANDIABLASCO. They’re one in a million. Don’t expect a prefabricated house.

Real space and metaphor

Now that we’ve surrendered to the world of mobile devices, constantly connected to the unlimited Web, it’s worth questioning whether it makes sense to return to a scale that we can touch with our hands, to a territory that we can call home. A place laden with the smells and grooves of the real world, a space that integrates the scenes of life to their fullest extent. A space that veers away from separation to bring together the physical and the emotional, function and work. A place where we can even dare to conjure up the most hidden meanings of the home. Are we willing to overstep issues like style, decoration or trend to analyse exactly how we want to live? Can we imagine a life-house concept where everything fits?

Casa GANDIABLASCO stands as a real and a metaphorical space. It’s a personal proposal that goes beyond the furniture and opens up a consideration about ways of life and the role that design plays in configuring the world we inhabit and our relationship with people and objects. Casa GANDIABLASCO considers the reciprocity between the private and the social, and the need to tackle substantial arguments, identity, coexistence, culture, learning, knowledge, business, personal fulfilment. Obviously, Casa GANDIABLASCO is not for sale. It stands as an invitation to reconsider the issue from top to bottom and to suggest solutions that lighten our existence and facilitate the experience of completeness and Beauty. There is always time to back down.