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A factory turned into an open house for everyone.
This house is the flagship of Gandiablasco, renowned for its contemporary outdoor furniture.

Gandiablasco is today a well-known (and recognised) outdoor furniture company which, to a great extent, has managed to highlight the quality of Spanish design internationally. The brand began to operate by producing blankets during the Spanish post-war period. In the 90s, with the generational succession, Gandiablasco launched Na Xemena: a successful collection of outdoor furniture which has marked the brand’s personality to the present day. Since then, the manufacture of outdoor furniture with aluminium profiles and white colours, the hallmark of the house, has been added to production of textiles.

In 2011, the family decided to transform part of the old textile factory, located in Ontinyent, into la Casa Gandiablasco: a place halfway between a family home and a brand space-concept. José A. Gandía-Blasco, President and Design Director, and his children: Alejandra (Design and Communication Assistant Director) and Álvaro (Vice Director) have opened up the doors to their home and to a very important part of their life.

Who lives here: José A. Gandía-Blasco and his children, Alejandra and Álvaro.
Location: Ontinyent.
Surface Area: 550 square meters divided into five floors.
Interesting fact: The house was the result of restoration work on an old textile factory from the 1940s and maintains its interior structure and height.

Since its foundation in 1941, Gandiablasco has been a family business and continues to be so until the present day. José, Alejandra and Álvaro, share their day-to-day work and are constantly on the move between Ontinyent, where the offices are located, Valencia and the production plant in Bocairent.

Some years ago, the family moved into the old factory. Although they have another home, the former often serves as the meeting place on weekdays. The building, which has not lost its industrial charm, has become a place where the colour white and Mediterranean airs reign. This sober and modern tone which characterises Gandiablasco’s style is also present in this house.

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