Home to shared knowledge. Fuelling the engine

The space designated for offices and administration has been relocated to a vast section on the first floor, whilst the third and fourth floors are home to new sections that cater to the exchange of knowledge, research and debate. Meetings, workshop and exhibitions will structure a programme that aims to combine ideas and praxis. It goes beyond intuition, it’s about giving them content and shaping them, selecting the material and the technology, producing the object and, ultimately, being able to communicate its distinctive and unique value in a super competitive world on a global scale.

This initiative strengthens GANDIABLASCO’s contribution to the creation of new industrial dynamics, whilst promoting synergies between the corporate and production sectors, the field of education and the world of culture and arts. Their support for emerging talent -thanks to the GANDIABLASCO Competition- ties in with a multidisciplinary proposal. The Casa del Conocimiento (House of Knowledge) provides a way to understand design and transfer it to all sides of everyday life.