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Harris Residence

We take the Mediterranean to all corners of the earth.

HARRIS RESIDENCE is the residential project by GANDIABLASCO in Sun Valley, Phoenix, set in an arid valley surrounded by mountainous peaks that skirt the Sonora desert, in southern Arizona.

In this vast, scorched, beautiful desert stands HARRIS RESIDENCE, a house designed to dialogue with architecture, landscape and its occupants’ lifestyle.

This home’s outdoor spaces feature gardens planted with native species of cactus and desert plants. According to project designer Daniel Germani, the decision to enhance these with GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture was based on their elegant design, durability, despite the harsh desert conditions, and the performance of the textiles. Terraces are equipped with pieces from the FLAT collection, designed by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO, and STACK designer chaise-longues by Borja García, which are arranged around the swimming pool. Their attractive lines and modular nature are perfect for creating comfortable, made-to-measure outdoor spaces. The sculptural quality of LIPSTICK designer armchairs and tables by José A. Gandía-Blasco, give the project the touch of originality it needed, a decided declaration of intentions.

GANDIABLASCO Collections: Flat | Stack | Lipstick
Architect: Daniel Germani Designs
Date of the project: November 2015