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Casa Alcoutins

CASA ALCOUTINS is like a lake, where volumes float or are supported by the base, in which we only see the part that is visible above the flotation line. This is the GANDIABLASCO residential project in Lisbon.

“La CASA ALCOUTINS is a detached house in a residential area of Lisbon and arose as a result of the topography and the programme developed on 2 levels plus an independent volume that articulates the domestic interior with the terrace and the swimming pool. The place is the plane where our projects become architecture. What we build and what we see are the apparent forms, the ones that appear on this plane. In CASA ALCOUTINS the real form is the one that has a plane 3.5 metres underground as a base.”
Guedes Cruz Arquitectos

The outdoor spaces of the house are equipped with designer sofas and chaise longues from the SALER outdoor furniture collection, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco for GANDIABLASCO.

GANDIABLASCO Collection: Saler
Architects: Guedes Cruz Arquitectos (José Guedes Cruz, Marco Marinho, César Marques)