Flat Sectional Sofa 3

“My essential way to understand design is to understand the place where its beauty and use can be found, without conflict or cracks.” – Mario Ruiz

FLAT was inspired by this premise. It is an elegant and versatile collection of outdoor furniture with a range of functions: relax lying down in the sun, enjoy a conversation sitting down outdoors with friends, on the chill out space of a hotel terrace.

FLAT sectional sofa 3 is a designer sofa made of anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminium and recyclable polyethylene and comes in anthracite, sand, white and bronze. The mini mattresses with their nautical fabric that comes in a range of colours provide the comfort.

Flat sectional sofa 3 is an exclusive design by Mario Ruiz for GANDIABLASCO.

Flat Sectional Sofa 3
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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