Lipstick Table

Don’t say or do anything if your inspiration doesn’t enthuse you. LIPSTICK was inspired by a fetish and feminine object par excellence – LIPSTICK. It is a collection of outdoor furniture consisting of a designer table and armchair, each with a cylindrical body, inspired by lipstick.

The LIPSTICK table is a designer table with an oval shaped structure, made from recyclable rotation-moulded polyethylene. It adapts to your style and any to any outdoor space with elegance and simplicity.

This outdoor table has personality and sculptural character. Combine it with the LIPSTICK armchair to create your chosen LIPSTICK compositions on your terrace or in Contract projects.

The LIPSTICK table is a designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales for GANDIABLASCO.

Product available from our new Diabla brand

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