Sahara Plant Pot 2

SAHARA is a collection of designer plant pots created by Pablo Gironés, the ideal accessory for all the GANDIABLASCO collections, for enjoying on terraces, porches, or beside the pool, among other outdoor areas. Their organic, rounded shapes and variety of sizes and finishes make them suitable for creating perfect garden for your space and personal taste.”

The SAHARA plant pot 2 is part of this collection. This designer plant pot is made from 100% recyclable rotation-moulded polyethylene.

The wide range of colours and shape mimic the natural shapes of the dunes in the Sahara Desert, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor space. In short, it is an outdoor plant pot that works on its own as a sculpture, or with other SAHARA pieces, as a planter.

Sahara Plant Pot 2

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