Conta Dining Armchair

Ibiza was the source of inspiration of the outdoor furniture collection that has gone around the world – NA XEMENA.

The NA XEMENA Conta dining armchair was inspired by the fine and pearly sands of Cala Conta, on the western side of the island of Ibiza. It is a designer armchair made from contemporary materials: anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminium in various colours and polyethylene, which are the GANDIABLASCO fetish materials.

The backrest and seat are covered by polyurethane foam rubber mini mattresses and cushions covered with water proof fabric that you can customize with different textures and colours.

Much more than just an outdoor chair.

The NA XEMENA Conta dining armchair is a design by Ramón Esteve for GANDIABLASCO.

Conta Armchair
2020 Outdoor Fabrics

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