Na Xemena is more than a piece of furniture, much more… 20 years later

20 years of dialogue with shapes and exterior spaces: terraces, gardens, hotels and beaches worldwide, deserts being inhabited – utopia is only possible when you daydream.

It began as a dream atop a cliff on the island of Ibiza, and time tested its perseverance. Just as in the fable with its moral ending, wind and storms have continuously challenged its tenacity, but have been unable to break it.

In 1996 the dream came true; it took shape, and Na Xemena the house was born out of the geometry of its natural environment, rising between the white of the clouds until it became confused with the depth of the sky, on the ledge of rocks and pine trees on that cliff top located on the north east of Ibiza.

Sensuality, intuition, clinging to dreams… reality or dreaminess? The house began to be built in this magical place where the white light of the Mediterranean blurs the cubic architectural contours. Out of this simple volume, a contemporary reinterpretation of vernacular Ibizan architecture, the first collection of GANDIAABLASCO outdoor furniture, Na Xemena, was born, both by extension and necessity.

Whoever said that beginnings were easy? Some of us did not know that need awakens ingenuity. Na Xemena has lasted the course of time, and has been strengthened internally: at the beginning it was built with welded and painted perforated sheet metal, but this did not prove to be strong enough, and so it was remade on a structure of machined aluminium profiles with iroko wood slats. The strength of the aluminium was resistant against inclement weather, and its interior construction system was perfected – the interior aluminium angles provided strength and the polyethylene plates gave it the complete finish, improving its resistance to the elements.

The simple geometry of Na Xemena has transcended borders through its responsiveness to the standards of timelessness and universality. This year, the house and the collection celebrate their 20th anniversary.