Uterqüe, the Premium label belonging to the Inditex group, joins forces with the world of design and architectural spaces at La casa GANDIABLASCO in a new advertising campaign The play of light that includes a carefully put-together collection of Ready … + info

  • Houzz TV report | La Casa GANDIABLASCO


    A factory turned into an open house for everyone. This house is the flagship of Gandiablasco, renowned for its contemporary outdoor furniture. Gandiablasco is today a well-known (and recognised) outdoor furniture company which, to a great extent, has managed to … + info

  • First anniversary of the 75 years of GANDIABLASCO


    We are celebrating another magical year during which GANDIABLASCO celebrated its 75th anniversary within its headquarters at Ontinyent. Workers, friends, collaborators and suppliers enjoyed an unforgettable night in the courtyard of The Gandiablasco house, a night of stories and memories … + info

  • 75th Anniversary GANDIABLASCO Reports


  • Na Xemena is more than a piece of furniture, much more… 20 years later

    Na Xemena. Image 1

    20 years of dialogue with shapes and exterior spaces: terraces, gardens, hotels and beaches worldwide, deserts being inhabited – utopia is only possible when you daydream. It began as a dream atop a cliff on the island of Ibiza, and … + info



    Sometimes several generations work together leading great furniture design companies. In others, the early founders hand the baton over to their descendants, to continue the work. These four family stories share the idea of a transmission centered on the pursuit … + info



    IDEAT contemporary life N.110 – July-August 2014 To capture the spirit of GANDIABLASCO, the Spanish designer brand, you need to head to Ontinyent, near Valencia (Spain). There, on the 7.000 m² of a former textile factory, José Antonio Gandia-Blasco Canales, Chairman … + info

  • Weaving through life


    Several paths lead to Casa GANDIABLASCO. One traces a route dotted by specific events: dates that shook up the fate of the company, pieces that became benchmarks for the habitat sector, groundbreaking carpets, furniture that blurred the line between indoor … + info

  • Home to inspiration. Ca Na Xemena


    Have we mentioned Ca Na Xemena yet? A lot has probably been said about this architectural piece located on the top of a hill facing the sea, on the island of Ibiza. The house belongs to José Gandía-Blasco, although it’s more … + info

  • Home to memory. Look in the mirror


    What use is it to have reached a hundred countries and to have shops and showrooms dotted around the globe if you don’t recognise yourself when you look in the mirror? GANDIABLASCO has never forgotten its biography. The company rethought … + info