GANDIABLASCO announces its 14th International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest.



Participants must be design students or young professionals, aged between 18 and 35 years. Participants may enter individually or as a group.

Members of the judging panel are unable to take part; the same applies to their relatives and to people who have on-going professional relationships with them.



The contest’s !heme is the design of an outdoor luminaire.



The projects must be industrially reproducible. Designs must be original and must not been entered in any other competitions or previously published. The use of any plastic material that is not 100% recyclable is excluded.

Participants will be able to send their questions via email until May 15, 2020 to: gbconcurso@gandiablasco.com. Participants may also consult the FAQ section on the website.



All files uploaded to the platform must be identified with ID or passport number of the participant (in case of groups, please select one as your identifier).

Any project received in a different format will be rejected.
Example: 00000000A-{project-name}-project-report.pdf

   A) Complete the form on the Competition section of the GANDIABLASCO official web site, giving the following information:
      · Name, address and telephone number.
      · Photocopy of ID.
      · Current CV.
      · Signed statement that the design submitted is an original piece of work and has not been submitted to any other competitions or previously published. Download from the contest section on the website.

   B) Upload the following documentation to the website. The content must be completely anonymous, using the name of the product and ID number as identification:

   1. Full description of the project with the identifying title on the front cover, presented in PDF and A4 format.
         I. Description of the product and build details.
         II. Approximate estimate of manufacturing costs.

   2. Submit in PDF, A3 format (minimum of 2 and maximum of 3):
         I. Floor plans for the proposed design: floors, walls and sections.
         II. Technical details explaining how the product is to be built.
         III. Isometric perspectives, rendered images or photographs showing attractive views of the product, contextualised in an outdoor setting.

   3. We do not accept prototypes.



Projects submitted to the contest are the intellectual property of the contestants, who, however, authorize GANDIABLASCO to use their names and/or materials in publications or magazines and in relation to the contest, always mentioning the author or authors.

In the event of winning the contest (by receiving the first or second prize) or receiving an honorable mention, the WINNER agrees to give GANDIABLASCO worldwide exclusivity on the rights of industrial and intellectual property (for exploitation) of the project for 5 years, although a contract may be signed between the parties setting other deadlines and conditions. GANDIA BLASCO reserves the right to industrialize the winning projects.

The WINNER will maintain the moral rights over the project, and he or she will be able to use it in his or her portfolio, mentioning GANDIABLASCO as agreed by the parties.



A judging panel will be set up to evaluate the proposals submitted, consisting of professionals from the world of culture, design and the furniture industry sector.

   · José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales. President and Creative Director of Gandia Blasco S.A.

   · Javier Molins. Art critic and exhibition curator.
   · Marcelo Ghio. Strategy, Content and Editorial Director of Experimenta magazine.
   · Helena Rohner. Jewelry designer at Helena Rohner studio.

The judging panel will decide on the voting procedure by majority vote.
The judging panel is authorised to make decisions on aspects not covered by these rules, as well as on issues that may arise as a result of this competition.
Candidates will be notified of the dates for both the judging panel meeting and the prize-giving ceremony via the GANDIABLASCO website www.gandiablasco.com.



Projects must be submitted via the Competition registration platform on the GANDIABLASCO website from November 8, 2019 to May 15, 2020.



2 prizes will be awarded:
   · 1st PRIZE 2000 euros.
   · 2nd PRIZE 1000 euros.

The current legal deduction for tax will be applied.
The judging panel will have the option of making honourable mentions of work that they want to highlight in some way without awarding a cash sum.
The results of the contest will be announced via the Company website.
The prize can be declared null and void by majority decision of the judges.



The judging panel’s decision is final.
The organizers accept no responsibility for any claims for compensation for damage, delay or loss of deliveries.
Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these rules.



All data provided to Gandia Blasco S.A. for this contest is subject to data protection regulations, which can be seen in detail at “Privacy Policy”. You may also contact dpo@gandiablasco.com for any additional questions.