Home to design. Overlapping maps for Indoor, Passdoor, Outdoor

Detached, prefabricated, semidetached, detachable… Forget about stereotypes, inflexibility and dogmas when it comes to houses. It’s not a case of moving or changing the furniture, it’s about changing the perspective. In the sands of this slippery turn of the century, is there a concept sturdy enough to stop a house crumbling down?

The conceptual strategy that structures Casa GANDIABLASCO has relied on transferring the exercise in design to the very epicentre of movement to achieve long-lasting and stable results (do not mistake stability with immobility). This dynamic allows us to identify the three concepts developed by GANDIABLASCO: Indoor, Passdoor and Outdoor. This space continuum explains Casa GANDIABLASCO and structures the different furniture options. The success of a table, a bench or sunshade goes beyond a convenient shape.

This system of overlapping maps faces design with one of its most difficult challenges: where is the boundary that separates the inner skin from the outer layer? We need to rethink criteria and ask ourselves if when we exit our microcosm is it not, in fact, to enter a larger cosmos, be it city, country or Nature. The Casa GANDIABLASCO considers these relationships, contexts and the fluidity of the spaces we live in. The impossibility of freezing movement and action