Home to textile identity. Tactile intelligence

As he thinks back to those days, a sliver of sunlight magically slices through the dark room. We are not alone, millions of specks of dust float in the immensity of time striking up a silent conversation. You then realise that a company’s standing is also measured by its respect for the past. Catalogues cannot capture moments like that. People born in these lands recognise the smell of processed wool, cotton, cloth, dyes, the convenience of the nearby mountains and rivers. Since the Middle Ages, and long before, the soul of this region has been textile to the core. Or it was at least. What remains is guarded and stimulated by GANDIABLASCO. Readily, not snobbishly, as if it were the most organic thing in the world.

Living your childhood to the beat of textile mills marks your emotional education. Their awareness of textures and matters has allowed GANDIABLASCO to develop a very fine tuned tactile intelligence. This company also knows how to pick out a good artisan in a crowd. Everything is produced without leaving the house; quality, like nobility, obliges. Consequently, their designs add the qualities of authenticity and honesty, given their support of and commitment to the industry and economy of the area. GANDIABLASCO has been supporting sustainability and thinking locally for years, it’s threaded into its DNA.