A man is known by the company he keeps

“Come in, I’ll show you the building,” says José Gandía-Blasco, chairman of the company. He’s the link, the thread that connects past, present and future. He is a free, restless spirit. Born to hunt, to design products and to draw new pathways. Amazingly, he never gives orders: “I have blind faith in my team,” he says. His command style is twice as efficient, as it’s based on trusting others. That’s probably why he never worked as a lawyer, although he studied Law. “Jose” is just another team member. He stimulates and brings them together, but in the end he’s an independent creative executive. He’s really excited about the possibilities opened up by Casa GANDIABLASCO (which, actually, accommodates his own house inside, parts within parts, like the layers of an onion).

He leads us into the belly of a monster that remained dormant until not long ago. The construction spreads out over more than 6,000 sq. metres (four floors, basement, mezzanine and courtyard), taking up a whole block of the city. For over half a century, time stood still in some of the ramshackle warehouses. Once the rehabilitation works are completed, the structure will be ready to tell new stories. “These galleries housed the machines,” he says, “and those were where the blankets were stored because they required a lot of space.”