Main photo. shooting the play of light - GANDIABLASCO

Uterqüe, the Premium label belonging to the Inditex group, joins forces with the world of design and architectural spaces at La casa GANDIABLASCO in a new advertising campaign The play of light that includes a carefully put-together collection of Ready to wear clothing where the quality of the materials and finishes clearly stands out.

More than merely a fashion brand Uterqüe is directed towards sophisticated woman looking for quality and exclusivity in fashion as much as accessories and will be available in online / offline retail stores the world over. The brand was founded in 2008 with the aim of making the accessory as essential part of the female wardrobe, recapturing the craft tradition of hand made pieces using the very best quality materials. A luxury within the reach of the most discerning of women.

The wide open and generous spaces of La casa GANDIABLASCO were the backdrop for The play of light. This house is the standard bearer for the Gandiablasco family. In 2011 José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales decided to transform part of the old textile factory into La casa Gandiablasco, part family home and part concept space for the brand. José Gandía-Blasco Canales, President and Creative Director together with his children: Alejandra (creative and communications vice-director) and Álvaro (Vice-president and Sales Director), opened the doors of their home to the Uterqüe team.

The team of stylists from the renowned fashion label choose some of our products in order to create images for their campaign. An example was the WAAN collection cushion designed by Dienke Dekker for GAN, a handmade piece which rather than a fabric appears more like a series of knots framed within a subtle grid. An exercise in sobriety and simple magic. The perfect accessory for timeless Uterqüe’s design.

GAN is the brand belonging to GANDIABLASCO that combines craft and design offering products made by hand by the skilled crafts men and women of India.

The same tradition combining craftsmanship and contemporary design is reflected in another of the products that the fashion brand included in its campaign. The TITUNA chair designed by Mariana Lerma for GANDIABLASCO. Its straight and stylized lines evoke contemporary minimalism, while the cords that form the seat and backrest recall the aesthetics of traditional Spanish furniture, which in fact inspired the chair.

The result is a perfect balance between the sober garments made by Uterqüe, and the high quality crafts and design exclusive to the product produced by both GAN and GANDIABLASCO set against the rational architecture of La casa GANDIABLASCO where natural light takes centre stage.

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