The warmth of orange seduces GANDIABLASCO´s new proposals

The range of oranges in GANDIABLASCO’s outdoor furniture collections.

We had announced it to you at the beginning of the Year. This 2019, GANDIABLASCO has turned to new colours with new additions that extend the traditional neutral range of its outdoor furniture collection. It is a strategy based upon the emotions that these shades provokes, in order to offer more options for customizing terrace outdoor space furniture that fits the taste and the needs of every client. In diversity this is key!

Beyond the greys, the greens and the blues, the innovative shades inspired by the Mediterranean nature, we want to focus on the warmest range of all: the one that plays with orange and terracotta tones. An earthly line that is a reference to mud and clay. They symbolize imperfection, tradition and the revised past.

The earthly tones are raw and visceral with visual references that evoke light terracotta and dark browns, almost nocturnal lights. They are also shades that are present in our most intimate environment and refer to customs, the contact and the everyday life.

To bet on a brushstroke of these colours that refer to warmth and comfort is to make a trip towards our memories and desires of the past. It is like visualizing a cup of hot chocolate: it gives us a feeling of pleasure with a touch of nostalgia. This appealing range of oranges is in every collection for example in TIMELESS, SOLANAS, DAYBED and SAHARA.

In TIMELESS, characterized by their rational and timeless design, the incorporation of these colours gives us a warm counterpoint to the thermo-lacquered welded aluminum, creating an attractive contrast in modular sofas, chaiselongues and dining armchairs.

In the SOLANAS collection, that plays with a minimalist and precise aesthetic, the range of oranges is present also in the new furniture that forms part of the family: a rounded chill bed, an architectural armchair, high table, sideboard, vertical mirror and lantern.

You can also find available the shades of orange and tile on the iconic DAYBED of GANDIABLASCO, the design bed made with anodized or thermo-lacquering aluminium profiles, a classic designed by José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales more than 10 years ago.

And finally, the earthly tones also invade the SAHARA pot collection, reinforcing this message of warmth and proximity through these decorative pieces of rounded and organic shapes.

From GANDIABLASCO we trust that the range of oranges brings warms and life to your exterior spaces with the elegance of the brand.