The GANDIABLASCO 2020 catalogue is expanded with new outdoor furniture designs

GANDIABLASCO 2020 catalogue.

GANDIABLASCO expands its 2020 catalogue with an annex that includes amazing collections of outdoor furniture, available in new colors and finishes, extensions of iconic ranges and incorporations of new accessories that share those characteristic features that define us: sobriety, harmony and proportion in a contemporary design in the search of timeless and functional beauty. At GANDIABLASCO everything has a reason to be!

The annex presents a clean and refined aesthetic, where light is the main player. The shooting of the photographs that show the new additions in outdoor furniture were taken in Ca Na Xemena, the iconic Ibizan house of José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales that represents a tribute to the Mediterranean. A reinterpretation of the island’s own architecture from a contemporary point of view, where the geometric shapes that contrast with the natural elements of the environment dominate.

One of the main novelties is the expansion of the SOLANAS collection. This proposal of minimalist aesthetics and curvilinear forms now also has a chaiselongue, round chill bed, Cocoon lounge chair, 70 cm coffee table, 280 cm dining table, sideboard, vertical mirror and several lanterns that provide that ideal point of light in moments of intimacy. The new range members, designed by Argentine architect Daniel Germani for GANDIABLASCO in collaboration with Dekton® by Cosentino, maintain the original elegant, precise and timeless essence.

The annex shows the pieces in white thermo-lacquered aluminum, the new variety of golden color and the new Dekton® Baltic finish. Moreover, the mattresses are made with a new ultra-resistant outer fabric called Patio from Danish supplier Kvadrat.

The flexible GRAPY armchair designed by the Japanese Kensaku Oshiro has also been presented in the annex. A comfortable and ergonomic piece that adapts to body’s movement. It is accompanied by the iconic pleated outdoor portable lamps, PLISY, designed by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco Lloret for Diabla.

Next, it is followed by the OUTDOOR SPACES section that includes new images of the most emblematic pergolas and the perforated sheet enclosure that is only available for pergolas with an incorporated floor.

The last pages of this extension are dedicated to color where the usual neutral tones that characterize our brand coexist with new (and appetizing) shades such as orange brown, grey blue or olive green, among others.

I hope you enjoy this new commitment of furniture and accessories that expresses our way of understanding life outdoors: simple, precise and elegant.