The chill essence of GANDIABLASCO

Environments where disconnection is inevitable. The ‘chill’ concept takes us somewhere between design and sound, where time stops and sensations flow at a slow pace.

“To rest, to chat, to eat, to drink, to laugh, to listen to music, to share moments in the open air, to enjoy the environment…”, all this is what José A. Gandía-Blasco thinks about when he conceives some of his designs for GANDIABLASCO.
The objective: to create environments that take us into that state of consciousness and fascination which leads us to connect to the maximum with everything we do when we are simply doing nothing.

The bed goes outside

Free from prejudice, the comfort of an indoor bed comes out and is updated with contemporary materials to suit any environment and style. The CHILL outdoor bed, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco a decade ago, is a timeless classic from GANDIABLASCO that represents the luxury of the seemingly simple and the unmistakable lifestyle of the brand. Available in three widths (39, 55, and 79 inches), it can be enjoyed lying down or leaning back on a splendid sunny day or under the moonlight, both on small terraces and in large contract facilities.

Made of aluminum, it is reclining to maximize comfort and offers dozens of personalization options as it has almost twenty finishes for the structure (anodized or thermo-lacquered in beige red, bronze, grayish brown, white, cement grey, sand, black, anthracite…). The sensorial component comes from the hand of the waterproofed polyurethane foam mats and cushions, which can be upholstered with different textures and colors selected by GANDIABLASCO.

Easy to join and separate, CHILL beds are a fantastic option for collective “chill out” spaces that need to be frequently reconfigured or readjusted according to social distancing measures.

In search of the highest expression of well-being

The chill DNA bed, another design of José A. Gandía-Blasco’s designs for GANDIABLASCO, can be found in the facilities of the thermal center GEINBERG THERME an exceptional setting and a success story in contract projects.

These pieces, in their wider version (78 in wide), surround the indoor pool next to walls adorned with vertical gardens forming exclusive shelters. In this spot dedicated to harmony and serenity, the chill DNA beds elegantly complete the interior architecture of the baths to create unique spaces. The extra comfort is added by its five reclining positions and its comfortable mattresses and backrests, upholstered with water-repellent fabric –in dozens of tones and textures– and removable covers.

DNA is a collection of outdoor furniture with architectural character produced entirely in aluminum, a material of guaranteed durability and resistance in outdoor spaces and wet areas.

The GEINBERG THERME spa, designed by the Bureau Eugenie Arlt interior design studio, is immersed in the hills and giant forests of the “Innviertel” region and is one of the largest and best equipped in northern Austria.

The thousand and one forms of relaxation

“I feel comfortable with silent forms, objects that are thought out, well constructed and made with the minimum pieces to make them work”, explains Mario Ruiz, designer of one of GANDIABLASCO’s most emblematic collections: FLAT. The FLAT round chill bed surrenders to the perfection of the circle and promises infinite and relaxing experiences. A spectacularly designed piece, that offers comfort at 360 degrees and a crescent as a backrest, accompanied by soft cushions and a practical side table that discreetly approaches the person who uses it.

This design, an expression of the Mediterranean lifestyle, consists of a structure made of welded aluminum profiles, thermo-lacquered in bronze, cement grey, sand, anthracite, blue-grey, agate grey or white. The mats and cushions are made of polyurethane foam and viscoelastic and are upholstered with Sunbrella and Batyline®, quality nautical fabric, which can be customized thanks to a wide range of colors and textures.

With the possibility of being upholstered in nearly seventy shades, GRAPY, by Kensaku Ohsiro, and SAIL OUTDOOR, by Héctor Serrano, are an infallible and timeless choice when it comes to providing personality, warmth, and comfort in a bright outdoor environment. Sailing between blue and sand, , GRAPY y SAIL maximize the feeling of serenity and connection with the environment. Both collections soften the angles and bet on the capricious organic shapes to embrace the user and adapt to his body and movements in an ergonomically and casually way.

GRAPY is an outdoor seat inspired by the jute bags on which farmers used to rest during their long days of work on the land. Like GRAPY, SAIL forms a volume that is as flexible as it is attractive. Whether on a terrace, on a porch, or the deck of a boat, SAIL seats and poufs evoke the lines of sails and the colors present in nature. The filling of SAIL elements is made of polystyrene beads and covered with waterproof fabric to ensure resistance to the weather while adapting to anybody’s posture.

Conceived by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Borja García, the relax club chair and the relax pouf are the pieces with the most personality in the TIMELESS collection, an icon of elegance and originality. Straight and oblique lines draw the classic silhouette of this tandem, designed to bring out the style and comfort of the English club chair. TIMELESS stands out for its generous measurements and harmonious proportions: ideal for the most exclusive outdoor chillin’.

The TIMELESS series is produced with welded aluminum profiles in almost twenty colors, from the most sober to the most daring. These, well combined with the textile component –dozens of variants whose touch is reminiscent of fabrics used in interiors– bring distinction and freshness to any outdoor space with a chill air.