SOLANAS, good looks and precision

Daniel Germani design SOLANAS, the new collection of GANDIABLASCO 2019 in collaboration with Dekton® by Cosentino.

SOLANAS is the outdoor furniture collection deigned by Daniel Germani in collaboration with GANDIABLASCO and Dekton® by Cosentino, that includes innovative products with inimitable character that combine extruded aluminium profiles, the favourite material of both GANDIABLASCO and Dekton®, a low maintenance material used in the manufacture of glass, porcelain tile and quartzite surfaces, applied to the tops of SOLANAS tables.

The surfaces of these tables designed using Dekton® ensure great durability given their resistance to UV rays, scratches, staining, as well as having zero porosity.

Germani was inspired for SOLANAS by the beach where the Argentinean architect would spend his summers with his family to share the abiding passions of his father, who enjoyed life outdoors surrounded by nature, as well as the magical time spent as a family.

The new collection by Daniel Germani with GANDIABLASCO seeks to recreate this space where so many of his most treasured childhood memories took place through this outdoor furniture collection. Solanas is a family of furniture that could easily have been found at that house on the coast of Uruguay. And because of that this collection is based on simplicity of forms, resistance and comfort.

The modular elements of SOLANAS, conceived as a system that can be adapted to any situation, invite us to make ourselves comfortable on them so that we can enjoy those moments of pleasure in life.

Daniel Germani has found in GANDIABLASCO and Dekton® by Cosentino the perfect allies for expressing his way of understanding outdoor furniture. Dekton® is an indestructible material and makes perfect sense to feature in a collection of furniture with GANDIABLASCO, that is also indestructible. “I think it’s the perfect combination,” points out Germani, speaking about SOLANAS.

SOLANAS joins an elegant collection together with great resistance, delicacy and durability. And all this is made possible thanks to the collaboration of two brands that are committed to design and innovation.

The aluminium structures of the SOLANAS collection are available in different tones such as grey, blue, green and orange with several different finishes in different Dekton® collections including the Dekton® Solid Collection range, solid and true colours of a very fine grain, Dekton® Natural Collection, with textures that recreate nature’s finest, Dekton® Industrial Collection; a Collection guided by the most urban of trends, metal beams, concrete and bricks.

The GANDIABLASCO team and Daniel Germani have focused on searching out finishes and exclusive colours for the collection, like the powder coated SOLANAS special edition in gold, a colour tone that changes depending on the angle of view.

According to Daniel Germani: “Gold is a colour that spoke to me because, like SOLANAS, it has a feel of understated and unapologetic elegance.”