SILAÏ iSaloni!

SILAÏ iSaloni. Charlotte Lancelot SILAÏ iSaloni. Charlotte Lancelot
SILAÏ iSaloni

The carpet becomes a reference point in SILAÏ space, it can be coordinated with elements: cushions, poufs and wooden side tables, that provide continuity and complement the interior of residential, public or commercial spaces.

The SILAÏ collection is available in four different colours, inspired by the variety of tiling patterns that were used traditionally to decorate floors.

The small pouf included within the collection is light and easy to move around and can be used as an extra seat or as a foot stool.

On the other hand the combination of three low tables can become a larger centre table. Organised this way each element can be used together or separately thanks to their coordinated dimensions.

With its novel and inventive forms of embroidery used for carpets and furniture the SILAÏ collection creates contemporary environments that recall tried and tested techniques. Techniques that still use the same type of needle used since the beginning of mankind to produce practical and decorative stitches.

Vintage but contemporary, SILAÏ space is a design of Charlotte Lancelot for GAN, the GANDIABLASCO’s brand.