ADFF Short Films Walk at GANDIABLASCO New York

Short Films Walks. Portada Short Films Walks. Portada

Last week, the Architecture and Design Film Festival (ADFF) and Soho Design District joined forces once again to present the 7th Annual Short Films Walk (SFW) of New York City.

On the evening of October 7, each of the 12 participating Soho showrooms exhibited an exclusive program of film shorts on design and architecture curated by ADFF. Over a thousand guests had the chance to see 33 terrific short films from 17 countries as they walked from showroom to showroom.

It kicks off with the NY premiere of €œThe Infinite Happiness€, a kind of visual diary recounting the experience inhabiting a House€ by BIG in Copenhagen, a contemporary housing experiment in the form of a vertical village€…an ilustrative cinematic example of how cinema articulates or relates architectures, way of life, building different spaces and realities into the screen, designing new concepts.

“Cinema is a multi-dimensional art form as Jean-Luc Godard states: ‘There are several ways of making films. Like Jean Renoir and Robert Bresson, who make music. Like Sergei Eisenstein, who paints. Like Stroheim, who wrote sound novels in silent days. Like Alain Resnais, who sculpts. Like Socrates, Rossellini I mean, who creates philosophy. The cinema, in other words, can be everything at once, both judge and litigant.’4 Godard’s list of the alternative ways of film making could be expanded by one more specific mode: cinema as architecture.”

Short Films Walks. Juhani Pallasmaa

As the french film critic and theorist Andrè Bazin said, “Every image is to be seen as an object and every object as an image. Cinema as a language.”

Gandia Blasco screened two very unique short movies:

No, We Are Not a Lake€, by Cindy Allen of Interior Design, and €œCollision-Coalesce, by filmmaker Jonathan Turner.

Collision-Coalesce, by filmmaker Jonathan Turner

Remembering one of the Nouvelle Vague fathers,Jean Renoir, “To the question, ‘Is the cinema an art?’ my answer is, ‘what does it matter?’… You can make films or you can cultivate a garden. Both have as much claim to being called an art as a poem by Verlaine or a painting by Delacroix… Art is ‘making.’ The art of poetry is the art of making poetry. The art of love is the art of making love… My father never talked to me about art. He could not bear the word.”
Jean Renoir

The first 250 people to attend 5 or more Soho showrooms received a free ticket to the Architecture and Design Film Festival which takes places Oct 13 -18, at the Chelsea Bow Tie Theater.

Suitable for movie lovers.