“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

Last March 8th the Jury of our Contest selected the most ingenious and the best projects received from different continents.

This year the theme for the 12th International GANDIABLASCO Outdoor Furniture Design Contest was to come up with a piece that improves the experience of outdoor living. We received 160 projects! Thanks to all the creatives and university students who were inspired to participate.

With each edition we try to stimulate creativity and talent the world over, and we encourage young creative talent to explore their ingenuity in order to rethink the spaces that surround us, with the design of furniture elements for the outdoors that allow them to be lived in different ways. An experience that crosses the diverse design disciplines such as architecture, art, urban planning, fashion …

Our Contest is only possible thanks to the participation of professionals from the world of culture that form part of our Jury year after year, drawn from different sectors: architecture, art, gastronomy, landscape and education …

Last March we invited the Jury for the 12th edition of the Contest to spend the night in a hotel located 3 minutes from the Central Food Market in Valencia, one of the city’s most beautiful buildings designed in the modernisme style. The jury included the following members:

José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales
President, Creative and Communications Director of Gandiablasco

Fuensanta Nieto
Architect and coprincipal of Nieto Soberano Architects

Ángel Schlesser
Fashion designer

Javier Abio
Co-Director and co-owner of Neo2 magazine

Jesús M. Castaño García-Porrero
Director of the Gran Canaria Las Palmas Martín Chirino Art and Thought Foundation

David Leppan
Business man and art collector

Sergio Pastor Francés
CEO of Gandiablasco S.A.

On the morning of March 9th the jury members were welcomed to the GANDIABLASCO House by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales who introduced them to the history behind the firm and brought them to the White Room where some 162 projects were on display.

As “brevity is the soul of wit” and after a restrained deliberation the jury voted as a majority for the following Awards and mentions:

The First prize was for Spaniard Jordi Iranzo and his FAN project:

“FAN includes two separate screens that take the form of a moon and a half-moon. Its function is clear, the visual and physical separation of a space. In public areas (swimming pools, beaches, restaurants …) it can be used to provide intimacy and to visually obscure that which lies behind it. There are numerous applications; from providing visual privacy to protecting from winds or the afternoon sun. Its mechanism is extremely simple. Just like a hand held fan, FAN is composed of several blades joined along an axis, with a fabric cover that fixes, equidistantly, one blade from another providing weight to the mechanism.”

The Second prize was given to Marta Woodward Moncho for EVADE:

“To evade and escape, experiencing time without being controlled by the clock; SITTING and FEELING everything that is being observed, that the sea is infinite just as the MOMENTS of time are infinite. Simplicity and tradition sum up the EVADE chair. With its unusual characteristics that occupy the space in-between, between a chair and a hammock, with a minimalist design expression. Composed in part from a soldered powder-coated aluminium profile with a strong and straight silhouette, that provides the skeletal structure for the chair. The back rest and seat employ a traditional woven cord, using a material that is highly resistant to outdoor conditions, polyester. Which is tensed across the aluminium profile.”

And finally mentions were given to:

The Italian designer Mattia Nardi for his project TUBE:

“Tube” is an outdoor chair made mainly from a single aluminium tubular section curved to form the structure; the only welded element is the front tube to give strength to the overall structure. The seat is made from waterproof canvas, held to the structure using clips, it doesn’t require removal as it is easy to clean and doesn’t need a lot to maintenance, but the clips provide the opportunity to replace the seat with a different colour canvas. The silhouette of this chair is very simple and clean, with minimal detail, the tubular section is the same diameter throughout the structure.”

And for the Spanish designer Carlos Vercher for his modular RIU RAU space:

“Capturing the essence of the rural architectural of Marina Alta, this modular system of free-form configuration is designed for enlarging residential spaces without increasing the built area of the house. RIU RAU is a modular system offering numerous configuration possibilities for outdoor house extensions that can grow without increasing their built area.”

Thanks to all the participants, we really appreciate your efforts. We invite you to the awards ceremony that will take place on Wednesday the 18th of April at 5 in the afternoon at our Salone del Mobile stand in Milan, Hall 20 Stand B01/C06.

And finally don’t forget about the 13th edition of the International Gandiablasco Outdoor Furniture Contest.