Passion for music

Passion for music Passion for music

“Without music life would be an error.”
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) German philosopher.

 “Music is the shorthand of emotion.”
Frases de León Tolstói

 “Music was made for the inexpressible”
Frases de Claude Debussy

“Adequately provided sounds gradually define a space, becoming sculpture.”
John Cage

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At GANDIABLASCO we are passionate about music: from the Homeric singing of sirens to the tribal sounds of ethnic music or Beethoven’s Ode to Joy; from Antonín Dvořák’s Hungarian dance music to the atonal compositions of Schoenberg and the ultimate work of art that is Richard Wagner to Prokofiev’s symphonies; from jazz improvisation, the avant-garde and sound art, to the anarchy of silence of John Cage, or Anglo-American rock of the 50s and the 70s, and all its derivatives to contemporary music; to the experimental hybrid sounds of the 21st Century.

A sea of music that calls to us whatever the siren’s song of The Odyssey.

That’s the reason why the GANDIABLASCO OUTDOOR SPACES has formed part of the Benicassim International Festival (FIB) over several editions.

That didn’t happen at the most recent edition of FIB 2016, but we were there enjoying several of our favourite groups: The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow …  and the end of the festival with the mise-en-scène of the fathers of “trip hop” during the 90s, Massive Attack.
Massive Attack FIB 2016 IMG_4909 IMG_4897 IMG_4891

Massive Attack FIB 2016

A group formed in Bristol when in England, “there was so much music and so many groups in the 70s that the English fans wanted something else. There was also a need for real change in the country which was not really what we wanted with Margaret Thatcher, but the fact is that the phenomenon of the raves appeared together with macro-parties like multi-sensorial experiences, we and some others filled them with music,” says Robert 3D del Naja.

A possible definition of trip hop would be: Record. Edit. Cut. Mix. Reset. Re-design. Reinvent the sound.

The concert was a symphony of cords, melodies, whispers, bizarre sounds, slow beats and jazz samples in a slow and laid back tempo that we enjoyed accompanied by pictorial projections with a social perspective, created by one of the main members of the group, singer, composer and urban artist, Robert 3D del Naja.




3D del Naja formed part of the Bristol Underground Scene. An artistic movement that has been in existence in Bristol since the beginning of the 90s to the present day that includes music, cinema and graffiti.

“The absence of lyrics provokes an effect that emphasises the intrinsic nature of the music, allowing the listener to be submerged in unknown territories, like looking at an abstract painting.”

Dj Shadow

IMG_5040 IMG_4927

Massive Attack FIB 2016 IMG_4926 IMG_4888


“When we were working on ‘Blue Lines’ we didn’t really have any commercial ambition, we just wanted to experiment and weren’t even sure if we would record a second album. That attitude has always remained virtually unchanged. We are a very unconventional group in that regard. I find it very difficult to think of the band in that way, to be honest.”

“My main challenge, album after album, has been and remains that of creating spaces and ambiences through sound. On top of that each record is like a stage in my life. As well as the music there is the artwork, the touring and the live visuals. When the cycle ends, you feel an absolute void, and you have to start over from scratch. It’s a strange process, but that’s the real challenge, to start all over again.”

Passion for music
3D and the art of Massive Attack, Robert del Naja
Lipstick traces by Greil Marcus
Lipstick traces by Greil Marcus
The Rest is Noise, Listening to the 20th Century through its music written by Alex Ross
The Rest is Noise, Listening to the 20th Century through its music written by Alex Ross

We recommend these books with rhythym: Lipstick traces by Greil Marcus and The Rest is Noise, Listening to the 20th Century through its music written by Alex Ross, and Massive Attack’s best-of collection with all of the illustrations and graphic works from 3D del Naja, “3D and the art of Massive Attack”.