MONA HATOUM. The Hurt Minimalism

Mona Hatoum. Suspended Mona Hatoum. Suspended

We are passionate about art. So much that the ARCO’s director Carlos Urroz will be part of the Jury of our 10th Outdoor Furniture Design Contest Gandiablasco.

An entire decade encouraging young emerging talents who are passionate about culture design and outdoors living.

This year’s theme will be to design an outdoor swing.

More information to be posted shortly at

Thinking in art, above you have other concept of swing called “Suspended”, a poetic work of one of our favourite artists: Mona Hatoum. The lebanese artist born in Palestinian who was forced into exile in 70’s.

She asserts that his work is made up by multiple influences, a tipical situation of the post-colonial condition in arab and northafrican regions through poetic sculptures, inspired in domestic objects based on reduced forms from minimal art, and hurtful installations, which transforms the space into a familiar ambience causing experiences and sensations of an unusual surrealism.

“There is always the familiar and the unfamiliar, the large and the small, the soft and the hard and, hence, a sense of turbulence.” Mona Hatoum

“I did not want my work to be one dimensional in the sense that it just appeals to the intellect. I wanted it to be a complete experience that involves your body, your senses, your mind, your emotions, everything. I think this has very much to do with the culture I grew up in where there is more of an integration between body and mind.” Mona Hatoum

“Maps are an abstraction of the space and is fascinating how each person regardless of race or ethnicity, is capable to project itself inside a map.” Mona Hatoum

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