José Gandia Blasco, Valencia born businessman and founder of the company Gandia Blasco S.A.

Personal profile

Entrepreneur and Spanish businessman José Gandia Blasco was a tireless warrior when it came to his work and his family.
Married to Pilar Canales Moreno, his constant companion for over 70 years and with whom he shares 4 children, José, Pili, Vicente and Javier as well as six grand children. Those who knew him always valued his innate intelligence and above all his capacity for work and his perseverance.

The journey

José Gandia Blasco, founder of Gandia Blasco S.A. passed away on December 7th at 97 years of age. A self-taught and highly intuitive businessman he was an important figure within of the textile sector.

José Gandia Blasco was born in Ontinyent (Valencia) in 1920. His father, Antonio Gandia Donat was also a Valencia businessman who founded, amongst other companies the Antonio Gandia Cambra Mollá distillery and winery, as well as being the owner of a ceramic floor tile factory and another business dealing with the import and export of timber. These activities were suspended after the death of Antonio in 1923 and the sale of the businesses. His son, José Gandia Blasco following the family tradition that his father started founded Gandia Blasco S.A. in 1941 with the manufacture of blankets for the national and international markets.

In 2016 GANDIABLASCO and its fonder, José Gandia Blasco, together with the family and friends celebrated the 75th anniversary of the company, still true to its original values and business culture dedicated, since the 1990s up until today, to the manufacture of outdoor furniture and designer rugs that currently are distributed in 90 countries.


The family business GANDIABLASCO founded by José Gandia Blasco in the year 1941 and reinvented by his son José A. Gandia-Blasco, the current President of the company, together with his team managed by Sergio Pastor, Director General, celebrated its 76th years without forgetting where it all started: a long journey that commenced with the local textile industry in Valencia back in 1941, to the design of outdoor furniture and spaces during the 1990s and which nowadays is available in more than 90 countries in the 5 continents as well as several of its own showrooms. 76 years later, 3 generations continue to form part of the GANDIABLASCO team, José and his children Álvaro, Commercial Director and Vice President of the company, and Alejandra, Creative and Communications Deputy Director.

In loving memory of José Gandia Blasco.