José A. Gandía-Blasco, jury of 14th GANDIABLASCO Contest

You have managed to transform the Gandia Blasco family business into a leading international brand, how have you achieved this?

With creativity, hope, determination and tenacity.

Now in 2020, the Company is a group formed by three brands, GANDIABLASCO, GAN and DIABLA. What do you want Gandia Blasco Group to be in the future?

An international leader with total recognition.

You have previously mentioned that before starting at the Company you always liked designing furniture or accessories for yourself. Do you remember those that you designed for you first home?

Yes, geometric lamps inspired by Egyptian architecture and outdoor tables for my grandmother’s garden where i lived for almost 45 years. Since i was little i have lived in houses with large terraces, especially those on my parents’ estate in the mountains. I have always liked to think that the furniture and accessories that i would design to improve day to day life at home.

You are a lover of Mediterranean culture, what do you like about it? What is Ibiza for you?

The Mediterranean is the birthplace of Western civilisation. Nothing more and nothing less… An example of that culture with special nuances of freedom and tolerance.

The theme of the competition is the design of an outdoor lamp or a collection of lights. You have designed many for GANDIABLASCO, how do you imagine the next?

I haven’t stopped to think about it, but I’m sure something interesting would inspire me about our Mediterranean culture.

Beyond the quality of the design, which we take for granted, what complications do you think outdoor furniture design brings?

The big problem has always been the durability and the suitability of the necessary materials for this environment. A lot of progress has been made in this respect.

Which collection’s design process have you enjoyed the most?

The pieces that I enjoyed most were the series “Tipi“, “Merendero“, “Tres al fresco“,”Módulos“, etc..

The GANDIABLASCO competition is now in its 14th year. How did the idea of launching an international outdoor furniture design competition emerge?

To us it seemed like an itneresting idea to encourage creativity amongst the Young designers in this sector and to keep in touch with the new generations. It is interesting to know how they see us from the outside, what we represent for them.

What qualities should the designs presented in the competition have to catch your attention? What do you think defines a good designer or creative?

Above all, originality and freshness. Its creative capacity, simplicity and sense of functionality.

What are the values and the culture of the design at GANDIABLASCO?

The most noteworthy values are the essentiality in the designs with a more architectural and functional carachter to create spaces closely linked to the Mediterranean way of life, than a decorative industrial object. The creativity in the communication of our collections is another value that defines us beyond the product.

Our culture is Mediterranean, since the company was founded here in 1940 and we are all from Valencia. This is something we were pioneers in transmitting through the designs and images that represented them, our brand value, although right now this pretext is used by other companies in the sector. But at the same time we feel very much in tune with the culture of the Bauhaus, the great master Mies Van Der Rohe, his interdisciplinary methods in constant innovation to unite design with functionality in the most sober and elegant way.