Intimate Outdoor Spaces

FLAT composition. Intimate outdoor spaces.

Our purpose is to make the outdoors a very intimate experience whether in private residences or in contract projects. Enjoying time spent outdoors is an unmistakable sign of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and so is the inspiration behind each of the designs of GANDIABLASCO.

Cozy configurations without interrupting the landscape

The construction system of the BLAU series, based on the welding of extruded aluminium frames and perforated plate, links it closely to architecture. The collection, devised by Fran Silvestre, explores new possibilities based on groundbreaking lines and ingenious ways of treating materials.

This is how BLAU permits defining the use of spaces through groupings and pieces of all types. From singular armchairs that provide movement by drawing oblique lines to stools and high tables that are as delicate in their lines as they are resistant to continuous outdoor use.

In large, or even somewhat disorganised environments, it is essential to add a focal point that concentrates action and attention. A good example of this is the configuration of the DOCKS family by Romero & Vallejo.

Infinite compositions, from the most formal to the most random, which are formed thanks to the versatility of easily stackable and transportable modules. DOCKS is an ideal choice when it comes to creating light, shadows, rhythms and inviting but also changing and improvised atmospheres.

The different modules that make up the PERGOLAS family, created by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, function as private shelters thanks to their power to generate a sense of intimacy. Made of anodized or thermo-lacquered aluminium, an omnipresent material in GANDIABLASCO’s catalogue, they work as excellent generators of space without blocking the passage of light and breeze. Multiple formats and options for the finishings of ceilings, floors, roofs and structures also make it possible to ultra-customise them.

Colours and textiles: permeability between interior and exterior

Public and private outdoor areas can be made more welcoming and warm by borrowing some of the features of classic indoor daytime furniture. Both colour and fabric, widely treated in GANDIABLASCO’s catalogue, are elements that increase the level of comfort when talking about outdoor furniture.

You will find the gardens and private relaxation areas of the splendid BluePort villas in Altea in FLAT, the outdoor furniture collection, designed by Mario Ruiz – an affirmation of their essence and balance. The pieces allow for the creation of generous seating areas that are framed in lightweight aluminium profiles and incorporate fabric as the main focus.

The series includes versions with a touch of originality, such as a round chill bed, a rocking chair and a variety of shelves and side tables. The structure’s neutrals – white, sand, anthracite or bronze – can be combined with dozens of shades for the upholstery in nautical fabric. By using dark colours, they absorb sunlight and recreate more compact spaces, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.