Interview with Hasan Mingü, architect of the D-Hotel Maris

Sometimes the site for an architectural project is so stunningly beautiful that the real challenge is to make the building disappear altogether. When the programme consists of a hotel located on the coast of the Aegean, then it is these outdoors spaces that become the architecture.

Hasan Mingü, director of Midek-Mingü, understands the importance of the place, and it was this very unique setting that inspired the choice of GANDIABLASCO terrace furniture when he was commissioned to refurbish the Maris Hotel located in Hisaronu Bay of the Datca Peninsula, Turkey. The design inspiration for the new D-Hotel Maris combines the comfort and contemporary minimalist style of the West with the exoticism of the East.

What is the concept of D-HOTEL, and how did this project come about?

The project process began after the purchase of Select Maris Hotel, located in Datca Peninsula in Hisaronu Bay, by Dogus Tourism Group. Together with the employer, our initial purpose was to renovate the hotel and reduce the number of rooms in harder to provide a better quality service. The Hotel, whose name was changed firstly as D-Hotel Maris, arised from a concept that is harmonious with the nature and that combines the exotic elements of the East and the modernist-minimalist style of the West.

The outdoor spaces in the hotel feature several GANDIABLASCO’s collection: Saler Soft, Flat, Na Xemena, Daybed and Pérgola Sofá.

How do you know the company, and why did you choose its products to create the outstanding outdoor spaces in D-Hotel Maris?

We had been looking for products which were compatible with the concept of the hotel and that could integrate with it and its nature. It was very important for us that the products were part of the design and that the nature and the project behaved as one. In this context, we had searched various products and companies. Ultimately, we preferred GANDIABLASCO which we have already had the opportunity to work with and whose comfort and quality we trust. GANDIABLASCO products offer modern lines just like our concept requires. Besides this, they are aesthetical, durable, easily portable and storable and it offers a variety of colours that are in harmony with the nature. That is why GANDIABLASCO was the right choice for our outdoor spaces in D-Hotel Maris.

The Hotel is located in the fantastic Marmaris Park National, situated between the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. How did this natural enclave influenced the design of the hotel, outdoor as well as indoor?

This natural enclave gave Midek/ Mingu Architecture the chance to create unique interior and outdoor spaces. We designed each of these spaces with a specific concept. The aim of the renovation process of D-Hotel Maris was not only to beautify its image, but also to generate an entire change. Despite the size and complexity of the project, each corner was detailed elaborately. D-Hotel Maris project includes various projects that offer diverse ambience within one hotel. Project and execution phases were completed approximately in 2 long and challenging years. Our mission has always been to treat each building, each space and each furniture as an element of design. Therefore, D-Hotel building was designed with the same approach as if it was a boutique hotel in a bigger scale.