Interview with Fran Silvestre

Fran Silvestre. Valencian architect and designer of the BLAU collection for GANDIABLASCO

Fran who directs Fran Silvestre architects is a passionate adherent of architecture, design and art. The search for efficient beauty lends form to his architectural projects and is clearly legible in the BLAU outdoor furniture collection for GANDIABLASCO. BLAU exemplifies the aesthetic concept of Fran at a smaller scale than his usual architectural projects but is established on the same premises in terms of deign, quality, efficiency and beauty.

Fran Silvestre tell us more about his work in this interview.

In your architectural projects we see a search for harmony between beauty and efficiency. When designing an object like those of the Blau furniture collection do you apply the same criteria?

Whether designing architecture or designing furniture, like the Blau collection in this case, we always try to use the quest for ‘efficient beauty’ as the starting premise. This way a technical solution can be applied within a specific context finding beauty through making.

Tell us about the Blau tree. After two yeas it’s a design that is becoming a GANDIABLASCO icon. How did the idea of adding a piece like this to an outdoor furniture collection come about?

The idea came about from the desire to introduce an element that would represent vegetation in the city. We came up with a fully formed tree, with no need for roots, that would adapt to urban environments, lighting them, defining them and generating shadows.

Blau has been your only furniture design to date. How was the experience compared to that of an architectural project? Would you like to design another product?

It was a positive experience, the process and the final result is very similar to an architectural project but working on a different scale.

You are working on a macro residential complex in the port city of Qingdao (China). Tell us about this latest challenge. What elements are you working with? How is nature being integrated with this complex?

It’s a residential complex with a museum at its centre, a circular volume with a central courtyard, as well as a Spa (the square building) and a larger separate building that accommodates a temple.

The project is located within a city zone that is fast expanding, at the coast, on the beach front, we have tried to provide each of the villas with direct views of the sea. To do that I’ve taken advantage of the very gentle slop of the site.

How do you imagine design and architecture evolving over the next 20 years?

Design and architecture are going to evolve in terms of their characteristics. That will come about because of technology which will become increasingly more important, bringing new methods and materials.