Interview with Ángel Schlesser

Ángel Schlesser. Fashion designer

Hello Ángel, thanks for being part of the jury for this the 12th edition of our International GANDIABLASCO Outdoor Furniture Design Contest.

We really love your work. How did you get involved with the fashion world?

I first started out in fashion almost by accident. After finishing my studies in Law I moved to Madrid where through my friends there I came into contact with it. At that time it was either “are you going to design or work”? I was lucky in that a designer offered me the opportunity to become part of his team; the rest happened quickly.

We see a certain similarity between the expression of many of your designers and industrial design and architecture. Is that something that you conscious of or is it just us? Do you think that these three disciplines have anything in common? And as regards art, is that something foreign or close to fashion?

That is something that I have been told often and I take it as a compliment. In fact I consider fashion, as I understand it, as part of a social and cultural phenomenon which is in fact industrial design from the point of view of developing prototype to be mass produced. Architecture on the other hand is a big word.
I think that the thing all these disciplines share is making life better.
As far as fashion is concerned I see it from a more practical point of view than art. Perhaps more as art applied to an end.

That is thought provoking. What pieces of architecture, design and art would identify your work? What inspires you? And can you describe your creative process?

I would be very comfortable with the idea of identifying it with the works of Mies van der Rohe, John Pawson, Jean Michel Frank, Axel Einar Hjorth… In terms of the plastic arts I would find it more difficult to name a clear inspiration.
As far as the creative process / working is concerned it’s generally a continual one; I always start out with something that has been left over from before.

Is there a fashion for men and a fashion for women, what do you think of the term unisex? What would be a classic unisex article?

An object does not really have a gender, it’s designated by the wearer. What you’ll be guaranteed to find in any wardrobe is a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

What clothes would you recommend for wearing outdoors during the spring, summer, autumn and winter?

Comfortable and sober, made from natural fibres (and also for indoor wear).

With this 12th edition of the Contest we’ll be awarding ingenuity with a design that improves the experience of enjoying the outdoors. Does any specific piece of clothing or article come to mind in relation to that?

An umbrella and a straw hat.

And to finish, we are curious about your thoughts on GANDIABLASCO.

Without question a reference for life outdoors currently.