Interview to Daniel Germani


Interview to Daniel Germani, interior designer of Harris Residence, the contract project of GANDIABLASCO in Phoenix, Arizona.

This project was a blast, Daniel Germani told us. When the architecture, the landscape and the owners are all great to work with, it is a dream came true. The home is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The owners designed this home with a very clear idea of what the outdoors would look and feel like. They wanted actual “living” outdoor spaces and corners to create intimate situations. They also needed a place to gather the whole family. Having 3 teens, accommodating and creating separate lounging areas was also key. Their love for native species of cactus and desert vegetation also gave me a beautiful palette to work with.

Choosing GANDIABLASCO was a no-brainer. The sleek design, durability and incredible performance of their textiles made it the perfect choice for this home. Daniel Germani told us: I love the lines and modular nature of the Flat series and how well they play with the rest of the furnishings. Enter Lipstick. The sculptural qualities of these pieces and their scale gave me the perfect opportunity to create striking visuals while providing the flexibility to create different corners around the pool. The lounge chairs wrap the whole project. Overall, GANDIABLASCO made the process extremely easy and effortless and I am so happy to keep this partnership in all my residential projects.

On top of being an interior designer, you are also a product designer, how does that influence your interior designing projects?

I have a very organic approach to design. Good, honest design has to inspire the end user. The product, whether it is a credenza, a table or an interior, has to serve the specific purpose for which it was designed, hence the honesty. It cannot cheat you out of the experience proposed and has to last and deliver. I approach each project with the same passion and excitement I did in my first one, although my ideas are always evolving because I am constantly learning and experimenting with new materials and technologies.

We see how GANDIABLASCO collections (Flat, Lipstick & Stack) match perfectly the house architecture, its straight lines and aesthetics. Was this interaction the reason why you choose the pieces?

Indeed. The beautiful and simple yet sophisticated aesthetics of Flat were the reasons why I selected this collection. Stack added lightness to the poolside. Lipstick with its sculptural quality added the fun I needed to make a statement without losing functionality. The different elements in the house have to “talk” to each other. The more fluid this communication, the better the outcome and I think in this case this three beautiful lines accomplished just that.

The project is located in a very beautiful natural setting, has this fact influenced in any way either the architecture or the interior design of the house? What about the furnishing selection?

Phoenix definitively influences my design choices. We live in the desert and that affects the way we interact with our surroundings. It almost never rains. We have extremely high temperatures in the summer, a couple really hard dust storms and a few weeks of cold weather and rain in the winter. All of the above makes the selecting of durable, functional and weatherproof furnishings of the utmost relevance and is here where GANDIABLASCO shines.