Interview with José A. Gandía-Blasco for Luxos Magazine

FAROLES by José Gandía-Blasco

In 2016 GANDIABLASCO celebrated its 75th Anniversary, congratulations! 

Growing up, did you always know you would work for the family business?

Yes, I always wanted to work with the company because I was interested in changing it, to produce other products that reflected my own interests.

Out of all your collections, what would you say was your favourite to design and what inspired you to create it?

It’s difficult to select one. I enjoyed designing Merendero, Tipi and Faroles for instance.

Where do you see GANDIABLASCO 10 years from now?

I see it growing much larger with, at least, five different brands, each of them specialising in something different and a more consolidated reputation for prestige in the five continents.

In April 2017 at the Salone del Mobile Milano, you announced the winner of your annual design contest for Best Outdoor Kitchen Space, can you tell me what design elements or aspects you are looking for in a new designer?

It’s complicated to say exactly. I am looking to be surprised by their creativity, for an elegance and sobriety in their designs. For simplicity.

I really love the fact that GAN is an active participant in child protection programmes and sponsors women’s development; can you tell me a bit more why you decided to take that initiative?

We are very grateful to the men and women of India, where all the GAN products are produced. Especially to the women, who are a really marginalised collective there and have many difficulties still to overcome. In order to address that we have gotten involved together with Mapi Millet, who is the Creative Director of GAN, with an initiative that aims to provide them with economic assistance.

Mapi is involved personally and every year all the women on our team benefit from it. It’s just our way of saying thanks for all their efforts and helping them raise their families.

Thanks for the interview to José Gandia-Blasco,LUXOS magazine