HD Las Vegas

GANDIABLASCO and GAN at HD Expo Las Vegas

An Odyssey GANDIABLASCO, Back to the islands, Chapter two, continues in HD Las Vegas.

GANDIABLASCO is showcasing both its new outdoor furniture catalogue with the new collections, and the 100% handmade indoor furniture products of GAN, its indoor brand, at HD Expo Las Vegas, including:

Blau Tree, by Fran Silvestre
Stack System Chair, by Borja García
Sail Outdoor, by Héctor Serrano
Na Xemena, by Ramón Esteve
Flat, by Mario Ruiz
Ensombra, by Odosdesign
Bandas, by Patricia Urquiola

May 4-6, 2016
Booth 17190
Mandala Bay, Las Vegas

We look forward to seeing you there.