Green, Nature, Mediterranean

GANDIABLASCO bets on green in its new lacquer colours.

Green is the most organic of all colours through which nature expresses life. Taking the form of a tree, of a new leaf, or a new shoot that is struggling to emerge from the ground. Mother Nature shows us where there is green there is life. In the Mediterranean area we see in pine trees, olive trees, rosemary, the holly oak and many other species that describe our landscape. It can be no surprise then that GANDIABLASCO has selected this colour for inclusion within its new catalogue adding it to white that defines the character of the brand as well as the other organic tones that compliment it.

In the latest GANDIABLASCO catalogue the use of green can be appreciated within some of the most emblematic pieces such as the sofas and tables of the SOLANAS collection, designed by Daniel Germani, the Creative Director of the brand.

The colour green is used for the aluminium structure of SOLANAS as well as the cushions, as if the entire collection had emerged from the humid earth, or had sprouted like a shoot from between the rocks for our comfort.

We also see it in STACK, designed by Borja García for GANDIABLASCO in which olive green and pistachio tones are used for the powder coated aluminium structures for the chairs, loungers, tables and other pieces conceived for living in the great outdoors.

More than just a piece of outdoor furniture, this stackable, contemporary designed piece of furniture fits your body and space, and is ideal for both large Contract and residential spaces.

And another designer who has also opted for the potential of green is Ana Llobet, who created the TEXTILE collextion for GANDIABLASCO.

The collection which is manufactured using 100% recycled polyethelene and polyester cord used to create thick knots like embroidery in a fashion pattern, recreating the comfort and simple elegance that the colour green provides.

In some of the pieces green is the dominant colour, in others green provides an accent that attracts the eye, like with the smooth curves of the planters belonging to the SAHARA and SONORA collections, designed by Pablo Gironés, which in their green versions compliment the plants and flowers accommodated within.

With the sun shades of the BALI and ENSOMBRA collections, designed by Odosdesign, green evokes the experience of sun bathing under the branches of a leafy branch or a palm tree.