Gin Mare at Ca Na Xemena

The GIN MARE mediterranean gin organized its eighth cocktail competition at Ca Na Xemena.

Ca Na Xemena is an emblem of Ibiza, that forms part of the architectural heritage of the island. A “white jewel”, owned by José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales, where the greatness of the landscape facing the sea in a sober environment of rocks, junipers and cliffs that enter the Mediterranean, harmoniously integrates with the geometric construction of the house that is ordered in the form of cubicles on various levels that seem to hang from the impressive cliff. A reinterpretation of the vernacular architecture of Ibiza, from a contemporary perspective where light is a natural element that gives volume to the spaces of the house and reason determines the sobriety of its forms.

This house is part of our essence by inspiring, through its geometric lines and its spacious terraces with swimming pools, one of the most symbolic outdoor collections of Gandia Blasco Group and bearing the same name as the house, Mediterranean style ambassador in Ibiza. Thus, Na Xemena is also a collection of outdoor furniture that plays with the elemental geometry of the construction in order to maintain that contemporary atmosphere that blends in turn merges with the jagged beauty of the Mediterranean environment of northern Ibiza.

Cocktails with Mediterranean essence

The eighth edition of the annual cocktail competition Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations Cocktail was held in this exclusive setting. At this occasion, the famous Mediterranean gin invited 7 finalists from around the world to compete for the title of the best cocktail in Ca Na Xamena.

A 4-day course on distillation where the contestants had to make a gastrobartender drink based on bergamot as a representative ingredient of the Mediterranean gastronomic culture. A challenge that featured the instruction of acclaimed chefs Fabrizio Fiorani (considered the best pastry chef in Asia by the guide World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Jonatan Gómez Luna (Le Chique’s award-winning chef at Le Chique en Latin America’s Best Top 50 Restaurant) who acted as coaches and worked together with the contestants in developing the perfect pairing.

The finalists experienced the connection between Gin Mare, the indigenous gastronomy, and the quality of the outdoor furniture Na Xemena to realize and exhibit their masterpieces of gastrobartending.

The winner of the Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations Cocktail was Australian Chau Tran of the acclaimed Burrow Bar of Sydney with his “Fluffy Emu”, an exalted version of a shoey that sought to join the essence of his country with the Mediterranean culture. An ingenious blend of Gin Mare, bergamot curd and Seville orange juice topped with Australian sparkling wine and sprinkled with Earl grey elixir captivated the jury.

The awards night was the icing on the cake to conclude this gastronomic experience promoted by Gin Mare and in which seminars and workshops were also organized by the renowned professionals, tastings of the cuisine and the famous cocktail competition in this Mediterranean environment where we could not miss our collection Na Xemena nor the house that carries the emblem of its unmistakable Mediterranean style.