The blue chromatic range in the GANDIABLASCO collections.

Blue is architecture, blue is nature, blue is ice and blue is Iceland. Blue is relaxing, it refreshes and envelops us. It also represents the mystery of twilight, of the depths of the oceans. It’s that moment just before it gets dark, that fleeting moment that you wish would last forever. It represents the Mediterranean condensed into an intense blue pigment that fishermen used to paint the shutters and doors of their humble abodes.

Blue is at the heart of everything and the creations of GANDIABLASCO are no exception. The selected tones for the different outdoor furniture designs from the brand are grey blue, blue grey and anthracite. Three separate options that perfectly reflect the restrained and elegant lines that characterise it.

The anthracite tones of the DNA collection designed by the president and creative director of the Gandia Blasco Group, José. A Gandía-Blasco Canales, are a wonderful example of that restraint, as is the TIMELESS collection. One of the most classic of the firm’s collections created by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García is inspired by the intuitive elegance of anthracite; a colour that also easily combines with tones like orange, deep reds, whites and other chromatic alternatives used for cushions and changeable mattresses in a playful game of contrasts. Just as blue is a classic timeless colour the collection is available in grey blue, and blue grey, two subtly different expressions that invite enjoyment of life outdoors.

The greyish blue tone also forms part of the SOLANAS , designed by Daniel Germani , creative director of the GANDIABLASCO brand.

From blue grey that transforms to grey blue in search of greater depth. The armchairs, chairs, loungers and stackable tables of the STACK outdoor collection, designed by Borja García for GANDIABLASCO, are perfect solutions for contract projects and installations. Their clear and honest structures confi gure balanced and incredibly light pieces, achieving a simpl, light and comfortable construction.

So far we have just looked at the various options in blue for the powder coated structures for the different furniture collections. But there is a lot more. The SAIL OUTDOOR poufsfor example designed by Héctor Serrano for GANDIABLASCO, resemble nothing more than drops of water on which to recline, whether it be indoors or outdoors. It’s easy to imagine lying back relaxing on one of them in a shaded cover of a ship’s deck, close to a pool or under the shade of a pergola.

With TEXTILE, the collection designed by Ana Llobet, inspired by the world of fashion, the characteristic seams of the chairs and the side tables are dyed a vivid shade of blue which in combination with white transports us to a summery maritime world.

Like we said at the beginning blue is the sea, blue is the heavens, blue is freedom and blue is a sailing boat surfing the oceans, blue is a fresh breeze, blue is steel. And from this year onwards the most iconic of the GANDIABLASCO collections are available in blue. The chromatic palette of these blues offer different intensities with elements of black and grey that attenuate the chromatic range and ensure easy integration with any setting.