GAN ACCESSORIES. The Perfect Accessories.


GAN, the indoor brand belonging to GANDIABLASCO, offers a range of accessories connected with the design of interior spaces; elements that breathe, enhance and compliment any ambience through their design and functionality.

Inspired by everyday items and made using traditional techniques and superior quality materials, these accessories can be integrated naturally in the layout of any interior, together with carpets, modules and other furniture.

With this initiative, GAN expands upon its inventory with accessories that make life a little easier and indoors spaces more pleasant.


The ingenious Mapi Millet has come up with a piece of furniture that is sure to delight with its colourful design, as well as providing a practical element in any corner of the home.

The stool, with its obvious nod to the 1950s, is raised on wooden legs with cushions made from multicoloured felt ribbons, woven like baskets.
A must-have complement to provide the finishing design touch for animated interiors.


A classic table which highlights the contemporary quality that can be achieved with moulded hand polished aluminium. Its balance is achieved through the organic lines of its legs and the strength of the base which is the perfect accessory for day to day rooms like living spaces.


In the same way as sunlight can slip through the tiniest of cracks to illuminate an entire room, this mirror, its shape inspired by Roi-Soleil, creates an illuminating effect wherever it’s hung with its warm colour recalling the sunrise.

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