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WAAN by Dienke Dekker WAAN by Dienke Dekker

The WAAN rugs by GAN, the indoor brand belonging to GANDIABLASCO, combine a measured sense of sobriety with a simple magic.

WANN means illusion or mirage in Dutch. This is what happens on the surface of the rug. You are not sure if you are seeing a colour or a grid, or how the composition is made,” says its creator Dienke Dekker.

This young designer’s collection which also offers a line of cushions provides an expression for the random, his wide open imagination and ingenuity.

“By weaving two threads of contrasting colours, thicker and stronger threads are obtained. As these strands acquire an individual and markedly graphic character, I wondered what would happen if they were woven all together and what kinds of visual effect would that achieve.

More than just fabrics, the rugs belonging to the WAAN collection appear like a succession of knots framed within a subtle grid, converting these newly woven networks into the perfect compliment for any space.

The avant-garde ideas of a designer and an artist resulting in a collection of contemporary and free style rugs, unique and destined to become a must-have classic design within GAN’s catalogue.