SILAÏ by Charlotte Lancelot SILAÏ by Charlotte Lancelot

GAN extends its congratulations to the designer Charlotte Lancelot on being recognised by the Red Dot Awards for SILAÏ, one of her most innovative collections.

SILAÏ means stitch in the Hindi language and the collection represents a contemporary reinterpretation of the petit point embroidery technique.

A ground breaking collection replete with fresh thinking, especially the first and most important feature: the technique used in its manufacture. The change of scale and materials used for the petit point were key to its success. In terms of the rugs there are four different stitches used that combined together to create a harmony of colour and textures.

 “I look to the past to create a totally contemporary aesthetic that plays with forms, textures, prints, colours, materials …” explains Charlotte Lancelot.

Rather than using the classic scrim (or gauze) to form the base a plastic grid or (framework) is used in order to accommodate lager stitches. In this way the threads are also made with a double felted process in order to make them stronger and more suitable for this new use.

A time consuming dialogue between the designer Charlotte Lancelot, GAN director Mapi Millet and the skilled craftsmen and women of India, that took more than three years requiring great effort on all parts. The end result is a unique collection of rugs that feature a completely new design and manufacture process, a true reflection of the spirit of the brand.

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