RUSTIC CHIC | The elegance of nature

RUSTIC CHIC by Sandra Figuerola - Flower RUSTIC CHIC by Sandra Figuerola - Flower

Designed by Sandra Figuerola for GAN, GANDIABLASCO’s indoor brand, the RUSTIC CHIC collection is hand made using materials like jute and wool that are combined in incomplete patterns, fragmented and asymmetrical with a daring colour palette.

“I love craft, that warm and imperfect way of working that shows a more human side of the textile process. But also I think it’s important to work with existing aesthetic sensibilities that are easily understood,” points out the designer.


RUSTIC CHIC mixes different styles, vintage and contemporary in order to create colourful and versatile rugs and cushions. The collection is available in a multicolour floral version with fluid lines that are combined seamlessly, as well as a more geometric version featuring pistachio, white and black tones to surprising effect which aim to brighten up the spaces where they are fitted.

“The idea was to make the material itself the most important thing, the graphic motifs are secondary,” explains Sandra Figuerola.

The result: a contemporary collection that transmits the elegance of the rustic.